The Brethren in Christ Church (BICC) in South Africa started in 1988 through Reverend Hamilton Madlabane working with the support of the American Church. The first BICC SA congregation was established in Soshanguve Pretoria, and led by Reverend Madlabane. Even though, a South African started the BICC in South Africa, it was largely unknown to most South Africans at the time. In neighbouring Zimbabwe, however, the BICC had existed for close to a century at that time.

In 1990, members of the Zimbabwean diaspora many of whom had been Brethren in Christ Church members in Zimbabwe, with the encouragement of a BICC congregant in Zimbabwe, decided to start a church in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. The Zimbabwean BICC then went on to promote & support the uniting of the Soshanguve Church and the Hillbrow Church, through the efforts of Reverend Albert Gegana and Bishop Jack Shenk in particular.

In the process of time, the BICC SA Church grew as new branches were formed in different parts of South Africa. Consequently, in 2011, the BICC Board for World Missions conferred Conference status to the BICC SA. Current Membership: 1800 members


5-Point Strategic Plan

  1. Adopting more aggressive results-based evangelism methods for faster Church growth.

  2. Strengthening fund-raising and revenue collection mechanisms in all units of the organization.

  3. Strengthening Church communication on financial information, targets and responsibilities.

  4. Increasing local Church alignment with and accountability for national organizational strategic priorities and goals.

  5. Strengthening the national conference administrative structure & responsibilities through full-time staff.


Generic Process Flow

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